EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella w/ Windproof Double Layer Construction - Reversed Folding for Car Use - C-Shaped Handle for Hands-Free Use

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Manufacturer Description

Forget the rainy days when you couldn't enter or exit your car without splashing water on yourself or the car seat! Or the days when you couldn't carry your baby or the shopping bags and comfortably use the umbrella as well! With EEZ-Y Inverted Umbrella you get to experience the ultimate protection from the rain, completely hassle free!

The avant-garde reversed design of this umbrella exposes when closed the dry side, keeping the drops of water on the inside! And the stand up on it's own innovative shaft makes sure there will be no more annoying puddles inside your home!

You won't worry about placing a wet umbrella on the carpet ever again!

It's easy to open & close this umbrella by pushing the button, keeping the wet side on the inside when closed.

The C Shape Handle offers you the liberty of using both your hands for daily operations like carrying grocery, documents, using your phone or shielding your children from the rain by holding them up in your arms.

With an aerodynamic design, waterproof and windproof double layer canopy, durable electroplated steel shaft and premium double layer fiberglass ribs, this umbrella will be your ultimate urban companion in the moody, drizzly days!

The inverted design of this umbrella will easily keep you safe from the downpour, solving the problem of dripping wet clothes and frizzy hair!

And just to make sure you're never left unprotected, we offer you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE, to replace or refund your purchase in the off chance the umbrella doesn't meet your everyday needs!

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Product Features

WHILE WITH TRADITIONAL UMBRELLAS you get water dripping on yourself, inside the car or on the floors of your home, the unique reversed system of the EEZ-Y INVERTED UMBRELLA keeps you safe, dry and hassle free! And with its black exterior and colorful, patterned interior, you'll always look fashionable! NO MORE ANNOYING SPLASHES OF RAIN ON YOUR CLOTHES! The reversed closing mechanism of this umbrella prevents water from dripping when folded. The DOUBLE LAYER CANOPY made from a SUPER WATER REPELLENT 210 T pongee fabric gives you excellent protection, nuisance free. HAVEN'T YOU HAD ENOUGH OF CHANGING UMBRELLAS EVERY SEASON? This umbrella was made to last, enduring any kind of weather conditions due to its premium electroplated steel shaft and high-quality fiber glass ribs! WE BELIEVE IN WIELDING AN UMBRELLA EFFORTLESSLY! The ground breaking C SHAPE handle, that can rest on your forearm, allows you to use both your hands, either you're sending a text, carrying groceries or holding your little one in your arms. And it's stand up on its own feature makes it easy to store away. WE STAND FOR THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS and we're certain you'll fall in love with this umbrella as it will keep you safe and sound from Mother Nature's wrath! But just in case it doesn't meet your expectations, we offer a full refund for the first 90 days and a replacement warranty for the lifetime of your purchase! Better products and the best in customer satisfaction! That's the EEZ-Y way!

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