Golf Champions Of Olden Times Lesson Tee - The Grip: Good Golf Begins With A Good Grip

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Golf Champions Of The Past Teach You How To Have A Good And Correct Golf Grip

Learn from Harry Vardon, J. H. Taylor, James Braid, James M. Barnes, and other olden times golf champions. Good golf begins with a good grip. Your grip is the only physical connection you have with the golf club and it greatly influences the control and power you have in your golf swing. You'll never play your best golf until you learn to hold the golf club in a good and correct way. Get your golf grip right and then you can build a good golf swing and game from there, but it must start with the grip. Seldom does a golfer naturally grip the club the correct way. Most of us must learn how to have a good golf grip. The first step is to understand what makes up a good golf grip. Learn how to make a good golf grip using the Vardon Overlapping Grip from olden times golf champions who were major tournament winners, PGA Tour winners, and who are members of the World Golf Hall of Fame. These golfers were the best in the game during their time. You'll learn how to make a good and correct golf grip from golfers like Harry Vardon, J. H. Taylor, and James Braid, who were called The Great Triumvirate because of their dominance of golf. These golfers held the club with modern grips, they gripped the golf club like our modern golf champions do. The golf champions of olden times have valuable golf knowledge to share with us.

Learn How To Make A Good Grip From Champions Of Golf’s Past

Quoted text excerpts from the instructional books of golf champions such as Harry Vardon, J. H. Taylor, James Braid, James M. Barnes, George Duncan, Willie Park, Jr., and Harold H. Hilton are included along with olden times images of their grips. These olden times golfers were champions of their golf era. Their words and instruction about the golf grip are as true today as they were way back then. You will learn how to make a good golf grip from these champion golfers, and see how their good and correct grips looked. Additional images, thoughts, and comments by the author are included to analyze, clarify, and explain the grips of the olden time golf champions, and to guide you in making a good golf grip.

Learn The Vardon Overlapping Grip From Harry Vardon

Harry Vardon won the British Open six times and the United States Open once. Vardon used an overlapping grip where the little finger of his right hand rode piggyback on top of his left hand's index finger. His success at golf popularized this gripping method and it became the standard way to hold a golf club. We know this grip today as the Vardon Overlapping Grip. Learn about the Vardon Overlapping Grip from Harry Vardon himself by his words and images of his grip.

Learn About Different Types Of Golf Grips

A good golf grip unites both hands as one but still allows each hand to do its own work in the golf swing. Not every golf grip need be a perfect clone of the Vardon Overlapping Grip. There is some acceptable variation in making a good grip. The weak grip, the strong grip, the neutral grip, the interlocking grip, and the baseball golf grip are accepted good and correct grips when made correctly. One of these grip variations of the Vardon Overlapping Grip may be best for you. All of these golf grips are illustrated and discussed to help you decide if one of these grips fits your golf game. About The Author I am a life-long amateur golfer who loves the game of golf. I shot scores in the high 90s and low 100s until I learned how to hold a golf club with a good golf grip and to follow other golf fundamentals. It took practice and effort, but I eventually lowered my scores enough to have a 5.2 USGA Handicap Index. I did this while playing difficult Pinehurst, North Carolina golf courses. If I can improve my game by learning to have a good golf grip, then you can too. Learn how to have a good golf grip with this book.

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